Tunbridge Wells Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Tunbridge Wells town centre, online or by home visit throughout the local area. Hypnotherapy for smoking, stress, anxiety, fears, panic attacks, phobias & related issues.

Symbiodynamics Coaching in Tunbridge Wells Kent & East Sussex or online.

Symbiodynamics Coaching in Tunbridge Wells

Symbiodynamics is a unique, innovative and deep acting coaching system that can be used for business or personal goal attainment, personal development, health care or behavioural change.

It is based on the premise that right from the time of our earliest ancestors, we have been able to be categorised into three groups: Warriors, Settlers and Nomads. 

Although our environment has changed considerably in the intervening years, we still retain these characteristics and in particular the associated processes of Assertiveness, Protectiveness and Change.

Although we inherit a combination of these traits, they are subject to alteration in response to the conditioning we receive in our formative years through our upbringing and environment. This results in an imbalance, allowing one process to dominate over the others to a greater or lesser degree.

Thus we can all recognise ourselves - and others - as being in one of the groups whether you are an assertive Warrior, a quiet, steady Settler or a Nomad, always on the move, constantly looking for change.