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Smoking Cessation Therapy in Tunbridge Wells, Kent & Online

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About Smoking / Vaping Cessation Therapy

The detrimental effects of smoking upon health are well enough known to not need repeating here but what is not so well known is the aggravating effect it has on specific health conditions and quality of life in general.

Research consistently shows that smokers are more likely to suffer from insomnia, fatigue or chronic pain (particularly back pain) for instance, or where pain exists with a specific cause, that pain will be significantly worse (i).

Many people smoke in the belief that it calms their nerves whereas research actually shows smokers to suffer much more from anger, anxiety and depression and that ex smokers are far happier people than they were as smokers (iv) (v).

It is not surprising then that in any one year an estimated 50% of smokers will make an attempt to stop and over the past decades hypnotherapy has established itself as one way to do this (ii).

In contrast to other cessation methods which adopt a "one size fits all" philosophy and, in any case, merely seek to keep the dependency going, hypnotherapy has the advantage of being able to tailor sessions to the persons own requirements. Each smoker is a unique individual with their own reasons for starting and their own motivation for stopping. Problems can be addressed, side effects minimised and future problems foreseen, giving you a head start in your quest to become a non-smoker - a goal that is not only attainable with hypnotherapy, but can also be easier than you think.

I offer smoking cessation therapy over two sessions, generally, either here in Tunbridge Wells Town centre, online via VSee / Skype or through a home visiting service within the Wealden area*. Your investment for the two sessions is £120 which is payable in advance of the first session.

There will be one or two small tasks to carry out between the sessions so it is important that you are engaged with the process as hypnosis cannot make you do anything that you don't really want to do or are half-hearted about.

What it can do though, is give a very large boost to your own desire and determination to stop and so if you are motivated and ready to make the change, there is every chance that you will join the countless numbers of people around the world (including myself) that have used hypnotherapy to not only stop smoking but also to remain a non-smoker - permanently - enjoying not only the benefits to physical health (iii)  but mental health also with an improved quality of life (iv).

If you would like to join this happy band of ex-smokers (v) I offer a free, no obligation introductory consultation if you would like to meet me first or I welcome any questions you may have via emai here  or by text / phone on  07761 198 504 

Whichever way you choose, I look forward to hearing from you.

* As of January 2021, with the current situation, the smoking cessation service is available online only. Please see "Current Situation" page for more details.



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