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For anxiety, fears, panic attacks, phobias & related issues.

Hypnoanalysis in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and East Sussex.

About Hypnoanalysis

Hypnoanalysis (sometimes now referred to as "Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy" or Emotional Release Therapy) is a very specialised form of therapy that aims to treat the person rather than a mere set of symptoms.

Combining hypnosis with analytical techniques such as free association, hypnoanalysis is not a "quick fix" but a course of deep therapy that can not only bring about profound change in a short period of time, producing lasting benefits, but also continues it's process of beneficial change into the future beyond the period in therapy*.

Working on the principle of "cause and effect", it is carried out under a light state of hypnosis by the random recall of memories from your early, formative years, some you will know, some you will have forgotten. One or two will be of particular significance and when these are released, along with the associated emotions, the effect they were having on you ceases - usually for good - and an insight into yourself is gained that no other therapy can provide.

You may, at this point, be wondering what on earth this life changing event could be! You can be assured though that what we are looking for is something that caused consternation to the young, immature mind. Although very illuminating and often providing "ah ha!" moments, when viewed with the present-day adult mind, they are not disturbing at all. Shame, anger, guilt, embarrassment, humiliation are all emotions that contribute to the suppression of events when they are too strong for the young mind to cope with and it is during childhood/ adolescence these feelings are (arguably) stronger than at any other time in our lives. The release of these emotions is part of the process but they soon subside alongside the symptoms they were causing.

You can also be assured that you will not be asked to relive any known past trauma. 

Hypnoanalysis can be employed for any problem that has a psychological cause but is particularly suited to cases usually referred to as "Medically unexplained symptoms" - symptoms for which doctors and tests can find no apparent cause (Your doctor should always be consulted in the first instance). These might include anxiety and it's related issues, anger, behavioural problems, chronic eczema, IBS, migraine, panic attacks, phobias (including the increasingly common social phobia), sexual problems (male or female) and certain types of depression.

It is also suitable for cases where multiple problems exist or where a course of therapy is indicated. Perhaps you might be looking for a therapy to sort out some aspect of your life or a rather more vague "something inside yourself but outside of your control". If so, hypnoanalysis really does have no equal.

The process takes between 6 (rarely less) and 12 (rarely more) one hour sessions at a fee of £40 per session.

I offer a free, no obligation introductory consultation at which we can discuss your case in complete confidence so please do get in touch by email here or by text or phone on  07761198504



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*If you have medical symptoms, these should first be examined by your doctor*